November 12, 2016


[Sticky] Forum Rules/Guidelines  


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Default Rules Of The Forum

This topic covers all the rules of the HFT Forum. Failure to apply to these rules may result in a temporary ban, or warn. If you have any questions about these rules you may PM a high ranked staff member about them. These rules apply to all discussions/topics.

What is not allowed on the forum:

  1. Spamming on the forum may result in a temporary ban. Spamming is basically repeating something multiple times, Ex.) Posting random posts other than the "Off Topic" topic, repeatedly making the same reply, sending the same images or links to someone repeatedly.
  2. Arguing, or flame wars in discussions other than the "Off Topic" discussion.
  3. Posts that include or attempt to include disrespectful language, abusive behavior, pornographic content, or posts unrelated to the topic
  4. Threatening other members on the forums, threatening to hack/DDOS, or threatening anything illegal.
  5. Rude behaviour on the forums is not allowed, this also applies to Rule #2.
  6. Posts that aren't relevant to the topic they are under.
  7. False moderating, (non-moderator responding to posts as if they were moderators).
  8. Posting in any languages other than english.
  9. Sending constant emails/PMs to members asking to join a website, requesting personal information (real name, address, ETC.), or bugging or harassing members.
  10. Attempting to avoid a warning or ban.
  11. Posting topics only for attention from members
  12. Posts related to illegal-behavior, or politics
  13. Excsessive swearing/abuse

What is allowed on the forum:

  1. Making posts relevant to the topic they are under.
  2. Asking for help from staff, or writing reports.
  3. Making suggestions for the server, or website.
  4. Respecting staff members, and other members.
  5. Doing anything that doesn't go agains't forum rules.


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