November 12, 2016


Blue's App (name change)  


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31/05/2017 7:16 pm  

Steam Name:Blueberry

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:107856085



Rank applying for: Moderator I could say (I would pick any but then a reason would be complicated).

Are you experienced with ULX?:  Yes I am as I was a ulx manager and a normal manager on dark rp servers and sandbox ones. I can say that I did well on those two servers as a ulx manager and a normal manager. (Wait I noticed they're the same thing).

Have you ever had any experience as a staff member? (If yes, please include the server(s) name): I had experience of being a ulx manager on a server called Dylamo RP (I got demoted cause my pc broke and I couldn't come on for like a month or something) and I did pretty well on it as a staff member. I was also a manager on BreoRP and I had to do the ranks and permissions for the ranks I had to create. Overall, I did pretty well on those servers.

Why do you want this rank?: I want this rank because I know I could help the server out very well. I could bring players on the server when it finished (The PonyRP) and I wouldn't abuse my powers towards beautiful pony RP's. I also want this rank because I would like to help you finish the pony RP if it isn't already but I would also like to help moderate your server. 

 What will you do to help the server?: I will help the server out by moderating parts of the server I can moderate. Also by getting players on the server when the pony RP is finished and stable to play on perfectly but overall I would help the whole server itself by helping players and the other staff members who are a higher rank than me or a lower rank than me.

 Have you ever been banned, or kicked from the server?: No, I haven't. Because I have just joined today and I wouldn't just get randomly banned on my first day.

 How often do you plan on coming on the server?: I'm planning to come on the server daily and at times when I'm not busy.

 What do others think of you?: I have like one friend and they think that I'm a nice person to play with and a fun person to play with as well but as for the others I actually have no idea except that people say that I'm fun to play with as well.


Any extra comments: (Optional) Not Really to be sure of.

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31/05/2017 8:14 pm  


Good Job C: And thanks for wanting to help out with the server.


-Korean Pony-


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