November 12, 2016


Staff Application  


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14/06/2017 4:04 pm  

Steam Name:  Youjo Senki

Steam ID:  0:1:85155989

 Age: 13

Timezone:  Eastern Time Zone

Rank applying for: Moderator 

Are you experienced with ULX?: Not exactly, I never really made my own server. I've seen videos but I never really needed to use it. 

Have you ever had any experience as a staff member? (If yes, please include the server(s) name):  No

Why do you want this rank?: So I can assist the server, and not allow anyone to stray from what's important.

 What will you do to help the server?: I will help make sure everything will run smoothly, and if anyone needs assistance, I come. Pretty much help watch over the server to keep it running smoothly.

 Have you ever been banned, or kicked from the server?: No

 How often do you plan on coming on the server?: A lot more than I go on horizon, for sure! I do love it here

 What do others think of you?:

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14/06/2017 4:23 pm  


Thankyou for choosing to apply here Youjo!

Hope you do good with your rank on the server 🙂

-Korean Pony-


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