November 12, 2016


Staff Application by Green  


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31/05/2017 9:11 pm  

Staff Application

Steam Name: Green

Steam ID: STEAM_0: 1: 55975235

 Age: 14

Timezone: America/Chicago

Rank applying for: Moderator

Are you experienced with ULX?: No But I would like to learn

Have you ever had any experience as a staff member? (If yes, please include the server(s) name):  No

Why do you want this rank?: To keep the server clean of trouble makers and or Racial slurs.

 What will you do to help the server?: Keep the community Clean of any Rule Breakers of the MoTD.

 Have you ever been banned, or kicked from the server?: Once, 

 How often do you plan on comming on the server?: Every other day if not every day.

 What do others think of you?: I think people like me but a lot of people don't like me


Any extra comments: I hope you accept me into your team of staff members it would make me happy to do something else for a change.


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