November 12, 2016


[Closed] Staff Application Guidelines  


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Required Staff Application Guidelines

This topic shows all the required guidelines for staff applications. If you are new to HFT please make sure you have read the server rules. Down below will be a list of what is required for making a staff application. If you have any additional questions you may PM a staff member, or steam PM. Please keep in mind that it may take up to 1-24 hours for your application to be read.


     Application Requirements 

  • You must include a minimum of 1-2 sentences on most questions. The sentences must be a full complete and descriptive.
  • The required age limit is 13+.
  • You must have all the "Staff Rules" memorized.
  • You may only apply if you have less than 3 bans from either the server, or chat groups.
  • The only language allowed is English.
  • You are required to use the staff application template.
  • You must use good explanation and detail.
  • Lying about anything in your staff application can result in a demotion, or suspension from making any other staff applications.
  • You may only apply for Jr. Mod or Moderator if this is your first time applying.
  • At least 1-4 hours of server playtime is required.
  • You must post the application under the "Staff Applications" topic.
  • You must have a good enough attitude around/to other users.

Thank you for reading the staff guidelines!


"These same guidelines apply for Forum-Moderators"

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